Kameleon Finish Colors
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** Color Samples are for illustrative purposes only.   Actual color may vary slightly from your monitor.

Please Note:  Kameleon Colors are light dependent.   They are designed to "shift" colors with different light, and while held at different angles.

More light - More colors.   Less light - less colors.   AWESOME under stage lighting!
Our listed prices apply to available colors.  
Studio Hours:
Mon - Fri    9am - 5pm CST
Kameleon 6 - Mountain Fall
Mountain Fall
Blue - Green - Gold - Copper
Kameleon 8 - Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift
Blue - Red - Purple - Green
Kameleon 7 - Hole Shot
Hole Shot
Gold - Copper - Orange - Red
Kameleon 10 - Nuclear Gold
Nuclear Gold
Gold - Green - Blue - Violet
Kameleon 3 - Ocean's Rip
Ocean's Rip
Green - Blue - Violet
Kameleon 4 - Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm
Green - Gold - Red - Teal
Kameleon 5 - Toxic Tide
Toxic Tide
Green - Purple - Silver - Gold
Kameleon 9 - Psychotic Illusions
Psychotic Illusions
Green - Teal - Blue - Purple
Kameleon 1 - Nature's Fury
Nature's Fury
Red - Gold - Copper - Green
Kameleon 2 - Storm Surge
Storm Surge
Purple - Green - Blue - Gold
Thanks for finishing my Ibanez!   The colors on the kamelon finish just keep coming!   This thing is intense!  Many thanks!
-     John S.    San Francisco, CA

The new finish is just wicked cool!  Talk about an attention getter - WOW!    -     Robert  J.  - New Orleans, LA
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Blue Nebula
Blues, Violets, Purples, Teals,
Maroons, Plums, Blues, Oranges,
Blue Nebula Guitar Finish
Evolution Guitar Paint
Burgundys, Teals, Purples, Blues
Ion Nebula
Reds, Purples, Violets, Blues,
Gravity Kameleon
Ion Nebula Guitar Paint
Solar Flare
Reds, Pinks, Purples, Oranges,
Cosmic Nebula
Royal Blues, Purples
Solar Flare Kamelon Paint
Cosmic Nebula
Purples, Greens, Violets, Teals
Orion Nebula
Oranges, Plums, Blues, Maroons,
Riddler Kameleon
Nova Ice Kameleon
Orion Nebula
Nova Ice
Blues, Purples, Greens