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Decay Finish for your "Bolt on Neck" Guitar or Bass Body!
Only  $295.00 !!!
Free Return Shipping!!!  (Lower 48 states)
Available Colors / US Customers Only!
Just send us your "bolt on neck" guitar or bass  body with no hardware or electronics.

We will completely refinish it in your choice of any of our available Decay Colors, and send your guitar or bass body back!

All prep work, sealer, primer, base, decay color, and clear coat, INCLUDED!

**Guitar and Bass Bodies with binding are extra.   Please contact us first.

The Absolute BEST DEAL on a custom guitar finish available!!!
Place your order Securely through Paypal!    Please specify color at checkout!
Studio Hours:
Monday - Friday   9am - 5pm CST
Decay Color Choice
Silver Decay Fender Stratocaster
Rotten Apple Red Decay Guitar
Lemon Lime Decay Guitar
Ocean Deep Decay Charvel San Dimas
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Due to the high volume of work in our shop from the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and related supply chain situation;
Turn around times for NEW orders are much longer than usual, and may be up to 3 - 6
+ months.
We're happy to help!   It's just going to take a little longer right now.   Thank you for understanding!
**   UPDATE - We are not accepting new orders for finish work until November!   **

We are not taking new orders for finishing work until

Please check back then!